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A Soldier's Silent Night


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Thank you!


I have a version of it that has longer fades, but I have been running into problems with flickering on the controller that controls the 8 trees on the right.  Those trees use incandescent lights.  I did the 47K resistor thing, and then added a C9 bulb which did not clear the problem.


I replaced that controller with a spare one I had, after testing it to make sure it did not flicker.


After putting the new one in, I ran the sequence and there was flickering!  I ran a new power feed to the controller and the flickering went away.  


So I will be using the other sequence with longer fades.


Merry Christmas.  God Bless those serving our country.



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We had some rain during the day and this evening that ended up causing one of my circuits to trip - I isolated it to my Mega-tree.  Through-out the night I was able to isolate it to two channels.  While I was monitoring the show, to see if it continued to trip, one family watching asked me about the display.  The husband shook my hand, thanking me (for the "Soldier's Silent Night") and his wife thanked me also (in tears).   


Then we had a family with three young children.  I have the "Virtual Santa" playing in one of my windows.  They asked me lots of questions about him and it really made me feel good - I guess because I was able to part of their "magical" Christmas experience.


Watching everyone,  from my neighbors house this evening, made me realize even more, that this is an amazing gift we create and share with one another!  


Merry Christmas!!!



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