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Like many people we all love LOR, the service, support and how the product makes us and other feel. For a company to offer LOR II for free and deal with the amount of slack people seem to be getting is sad. So in opposition to all the slack on LOR II posts lets do...

LOR how do I love you let me count the ways...

1. They held back charging me during the sale a couple years ago when I had some money issues.

2. They always have great customer service

3. Their product has saved me hundreds of dollars on my electric bill.

Ok now your turn...

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Jeff Millard wrote:


2) Dan, Mary and Alex attended both of my miniPLUS gatherings.



5) Spirited discussions about this stuff.

6) SAFE and Happy Christmas Seasons.

7) The way this hobby makes me feel, all the time!!!!!


8) The smiles you put on peoples faces - especially kids :(

9) The ooooos, ahhhs & WOW reactions :)
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1. The product is awesome, I always get compliments on how cool the display is.
2. The customer support is excellent. Thanks for that new 1602!
3. Dan and his family are very nice people and really stand behind their product.
4. Everyone in the community of Christmas-ers that always have great ideas to borrow.
5. How I always get distracted and think about the Christmas Lights.
6. How awesome the LightORama software is, sooo addictive.
7. DMX
8. The traffic Jams on Christmas Week. ( I love how people turn off their headlights on a road with no street lights :shock:)
9. Everything else I can't think of.
10. The prices are reasonable, especially considering the excellent support.


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1) The ease of programming a spectacular display
2) All the support from Dan and crew.. From decision making to after the sale.
3) The new products that are being released all the time. We have came a long way from the 8 and 16 channel controllers. (DMX, MP, LOR II)
4) The Joy on the faces of viewers bring joy to our own hearts. Courtesy of Dan and Co.

5) The Empty Wallet feeling. Thanks to Dan I no longer have that buldge in my back pocket where my money wallet use to be.

6) Providing us with a hobby that takes up our time during the holiday season

7) I never use to get much mail, but now thanks to Dan and LOR I get thick visa statements in the mail every month.

To Dan, Mary, Alex, and the LOR Crew... We solute you with this joys and Bright displays.

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  1. Thanks for the great products.
  2. The great support!! after my lightning damage.
  3. The repair parts. (I know both Dan and Mary were really busy but took the time to help.)
  4. The support from everyone here.
  5. A hobby that can't be beat.
  6. A company that has no equal. ( at least in my opinion)

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1. For after the oohs and aahs, the last thing people see on several songs is only the four nativity scenes located around the property reminding them subtly that this is all about CHRISTmas!

Thanks LOR for helping

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LOR allowed me to fulfill a dream of being a large decorator. I did not have the capacity to sit and build thousands of relays to control lights (like they did in the olden days) and I was too dense to comprehend Vixen or other software.

LOR did allow me to take control of my lights and gave me the tools to be able to decorate on the same plane as some of my biggest decorating role models.

And LOR allowed me to do this:

1. with great customer service

2 answering troubleshooting emails at all times of the night when the staff was at home with their family

3 Telling us when their big sale was so that we could get more stuff

4 Creating a free forum where we can ask question, moan about things we are not happy with and sing their praises.

5 Offering a cool contest where you could turn in a great video and win free stuff

6 Overnighting units to you when yours breaks down in the middle of the season

Thanks Mary, Alex, Dan and all the staff at LOR!

edit: Lower power bills? Yes they are, but if I have to buy $$$ of equipment to save $100 on a power bill, then I must be using PC/LOR justification math. Yeah... saving the planet and all that...

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  1. Reading threads and seeing how crazy and loved this hobby is.;)
  2. Neighbors knocking on the door requesting songs and ideas.
  3. The incredibly fast and great responses Dan and his staff give us.
  4. Much, Much lower electric bills
  5. Giving me something us to do, all night long, but not have the wife be pissed off cause I am in the computer room all night long.
  6. The good times it gives my wife and I together making displays and working on the lights.
  7. Etc, etc, etc....

Thankyou L-O-R, Dan, and his staff.

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