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Anyone have a moment to help reassign/detect wrongly identified rgb channel


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Hey folks...


So all went well getting everything started and up in time for the season. The one nagging concern I have that is limiting further sequencing is that of the 7 rgb dumb strips I have on my CMB24 controller, there is one strip that is assigned out of sequence. What is supposed to be circuits 13/14/15 is automatically assigned as 22/23/24. When testing in the console, 13/14/15 does nothing whereas 22/23/24 controls the strand instead. I have confirmed in S3 that the strip that should be labeled 13/14/15 is as such, however the hardware utility is recognizing that particular strip as 22/23/24.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope you all are having a wonderful time with your own show this year!


P.S. No rush. The fact that I got this bought, wired, and lit (even in a very simplistic sequence) is enough for me to be satisfied for the season :)

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Just change channels manually back to where you want them

As far as I know everything is as it should be. Physically they are wired sequentially, and software side they are labeled in a correct order. But somehow the hardware utility is recognizing it as a set of circuits not specified in my sequence.

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