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sequence not firing


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My show has been running for two weeks but today I notice that part of a sequence is not firing - the lights dont turn on.


I am in Chicago and my LOR controllers are outside in the snow and some of my vampire plugs are burried in snow as well.


I turned on the visualiser on my show computer and notice that the visualiser is turning on the lights, but LOR is not turning the lights on for few seconds . After that the sequences run fine.


The sequences do not turn on at the same time stamp so that rules out any loose connection.


My GFCI did short once yesterday and day before.


Any pointers to what could be the problem and where should I look.




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Can you be more specific. What type of controllers? Is it one whole controller that is not working? Only specific channels not working? Are they always the same channels not working or random? If channels, which ones? Same controller, same side of a controller (1-8or 9-16). If you give us more info we can try to help.

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I have three LOR controllers - two  of them is placed outside and these are the ones which are  not firing.


All channels 1 to 16 do not fire for a part of the sequence. Then they are fine for rest of the sequence.

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Does this occur with the same song every time it runs?  All songs?  And with both controllers during the same song(s) every time it runs?

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