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My First show

Paul R

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My darling wife bought me LOR and a 1602W controller for an early Christmas present this year after she found me researching the LOR site. I had seen a show on youtube and wanted to know how it was done.


Well, a month and a half later, my first show is up and running. I wanted to take things slow and learn this software/hardware before I tackled anything major. I decided that for this first year, i would just use 8 channels and program our Christmas tree inside the house. I have learned a great deal from my experience and feel ready to move to bigger and better shows next year.


This show isn't much, but everything in it was programmed from scratch by me. Let me know what you think.




 I tried hard to not ask any questions on the forum because I wanted to figure things out myself so that I would have a deeper understanding of how this all works. The temptation was certainly there as I hit problems, but I eventually did figure them out and I learned a lot while digging into them. One thing I know is that the 3rd gen controller still needs snubbers. If you watch carefully, you will see some channels flicker after being turned off or faded down.


Thank you all to everyone on this wonderful forum. I did an immense amount of reading on here to help me figure this stuff out. You have all taught me a great deal.



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Looks good! I wish I had an extra controller lol I was actually just talking to my wife about doing some inside animation... she quickly said I don't think so ha ha ha ha oh well

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