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Woohoo! Front-page-ish Recognition!


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So I live in the small town of Lathrop which is right next to Manteca. Our news is piggybacked on the Manteca Bulletin with its own "Lathrop" section! And we made the "front" page of the Lathrop section for the 2nd year! (I think, I am not really sure. It's not USA Today, but I'll take it!).

Well, whatever it is, it certainly brightened my day!



I got really lucky, they managed a picture without any BAD pixels!!! It's a Christmas Miracle!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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"This bright blue tree helps the house at 17811 Golden Spike Drive.... "


Isn't it a clock?

Yeah, it is a clock, lol!

Good picture though! No bad pixels!


The really funny thing is when I moved here in august 2009, no decorated for anything. Then I busted out the Halloween 2009 Show:


And everyone was asking questions about the new family. My wife had to field most of the questions and to this day most people have no idea who I am, HAHA! Then Christmas rolled around and I was literally the only decorated house in my neighborhood. Now fast forward to 2013 and everyone over here is decorating! It is awesome!

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