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What to buy? Help please.


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Hi LOR lovers.

I am in so much help. I have been reading forums for a few days and it feels like it starts to make sense but then it gets confusing.

I am brand spanking new to this and still have not bought anything I know I have to start somewhere and I rather start small and eventually get big.

I think I want to go RGB for the color choices. But I seem to be lost at this point. I want to do the outline of the house and garage it's a single story home.

1 what kinda of rgb lights should I buy?(ccr or just Ribbon)

2 how many?

3 what controller do I get( I know I don't need the 16ch one for regular lights)

4 how much $$$ to start with?

Like I said I am completely lost and want to start making this a hobby for me and my family. If someone can please help me so I can understand this concept I would greatly appreciate it and would thank you for a very long time ;)

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Even if you have lots of money to spend I would recommend that you start your first year with just one/two controllers max to learn about the technology.  You'll be better off by starting out walking instead of running.  As far as your other questions, I'm not using RGB yet, so I don't have questions to your answers.  From the responses I've read in the past though, I believe all of your questions have been already been answered in this forum.  So if you don't get any responses right away (because everyone is in show mode and worried about their own displays) you can do some google searches using " what kind rgb lights site:forums.lightorama.com" in your search argument as example.  Hope this helps.

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If you want to outline your house in CCRs you are going to spend about $250 for each 16 feet.

You would be able to do chases from one end to the other.

If you want to have everything change at the same time the cost goes way down.


First thing you should do is download the software and start playing with it.

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This is my First year doing LOR and DMX. It has been easier as it is plug and run versus the RGB LED which is either DMX (Dumb Strings) or a Smart Strings (Lor supports those too) but the soldering has been a real B@#!c.But I do have the dumb LEDS (where the whole string changes to a color, not the individual bulbs each being able to change to a different color) as wash lights. I have also decided to bring in some of the Disco Stage LED stuff. Currently I am using these Crystal Ball globes that output RGB Stars all over the side of the house. Yes, there will be a video soon.


Wiring sizes do matter with the Ribbon LED's as do controllers. :)



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Yeah I think the best thing for me to do is to start off with a controller and get familiar with that first and then buy 1 ccr and practice with that as well thanks for all the input have to start somewhere and this is the best place to start. Thanks again

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