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We were in our local paper!

Al Saunders

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Hi all,


Wanted to share a link to our local paper that our show was included in along with some other static displays. Click on the link below and look for the article called the light side of Christmas. Our show is under the bold type named In Sync. If you click on the gallery there are about 24 other pictures and I think there are 4 or 5 more of our house and one of me being interviewed. If was pretty cool but the reported and photographer were here almost 45 minutes and all that was written was a small portion of what was discussed. Oh well, it was fun anyway. 



Al  :)



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Thanks for the compliments. What was shown was a little more than half of my display. I have several hand made gift/package frames in my neighbors yard and I have 10 mini/micro trees going from my yard over to the same neighbors yard. I hope we do get more traffic. I'm actually lucky in that across from our house is a parking lot so people can park and watch the show without affecting traffic flow at all. Thanks again and hope everyone has a great day and a very Merry Christmas!




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