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Hi all,

Now that Christmas is rolling, I'm now starting to plan out the new projects for Halloween. My new plan is to show a movie and use my light as an accent but I'm not sure where to start or how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same aspirations as Acguy.

I am thinking I want to use music videos as part of my shows.

Any help and suggestions is appreciated.

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Since no one has replied I continued searching for the answer. What I have found is: your music video has to be in a format the LOR recognizes (i.e. WMV,MPEG, etc). Then you start a new music sequence and select your music video. You create your sequences as normal. When you play back your sequence, the video should open and play.

Example, my video is for HALLOWEEN. I'm creating a sequences to the movie Ichabod Crane (the Disney movie). When I play back the sequence my windows movie player opens and play the movie. Once the sequence is done, you connect a projector to your computer to show the video.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

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I've personal never tried the video sequencing before until tonight. Worked really easy for me. So here is what I did:


Open up Sequence Editor and create a new Musical Sequence, but instead of choosing an audio file, choose a video (AVI, MPEG and WMA are supported).


Now pick your Sequence options just like a regular audio sequence (Channel Set, Timing, ect) and click on the “OK” button.



Next, setup the video Preferences:  


Edit>Preferences>Video Preferences
Check “Display Videos”
Check “Use Full Screen Mode” ….if you want the full screen to display

To pick which monitor you want the video to play on….Click on “Select Full Screen Monitor”  button.  Another window will open and tell you to close the message box and then click with your mouse on the monitor you want the video to display on. I have 3 monitors connected to my PC, so it will display on whichever I choose.


Now your Video Sequence is ready!!



Click on the play button and the video will display on the monitor you picked and play your sequence at the same time. If you only have 1 monitor connected, then the video will pop up in front of the sequence editor so better to have 2 monitors if you want to see the video and SE at the same time. Or in the Video Preference, uncheck the “Use Full Screen Mode” and when you play the sequence, the video will be a little small window. Another option is not to have the video turn on when sequencing. Under the Video Preferences, check the “Use Audio Track Only When Sequencing With Video Media”. This will use the audio only from the video, but not playback the actual video. Uncheck this option once your sequencing is done.  


One thing I’m not sure about is how much CPU and RAM the video playback uses especially if it’s a HD video. If you’re using an older PC, then you may experience some lag during the sequencing trying the play the video and sequence at the same time. Just a guess on my part. I was able to play my 1700 RGB channels sequence, the Video and Vizualizer all at the same time and 3 different monitors with zero lag, but my PC is a beast (Alienware). If you experience lag….I would take the video you are going to use and rip the audio. Then sequence with the rip audio as you would normally do. Once you are finished with the sequence, change the Media file back to the video and the timing should be exact. When you run the Video Sequence in your show, it will use less memory because the SE, Viz and other background stuff is not running so hopefully the video will be smooth.


To change the Media file:  Edit>Media File



Hope this helps and good luck!




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Thank you Acguy and CLDKevin.

For some reason I still cannot get my video file to work in the sequencer.  I have tried MPEG, WMV, AVI files and none of them work.  I will keep trying.

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AVI video format keeps the file size small.  You can set the resolution to a 270x480 (for a 16:9 format).  Your projector will increase the size to fill the screen.

Change your background picture on your computer to a Christmas backdrop, since this will be shown inbetween songs. 

Also resize the LOR message box that pops up inbetween songs to the smallest size possable. This can be done by changeing the time between songs to a long time, so you can resize the box, and then put the time between songs back to the setting you prefer.

Be sure to use compressed files.

Be sure the audio setting in the Video File is set to the 44100k


Another trick I use is to save the audio only from my video editing software so I have an avi file and a mp3 file that are the exact same. so I can use the mp3 file while I create the sequence without the added overhead of the video slowing down the Sequence Editor, and the ability to show the sound wave.  It is easy to switch back and forth from the AVI file and MP3 File just by useing the 'Edit' 'Media File' to select the one to use.


I have been doing video music and animations with LOR for several years now.  You can usually find some good music videos on youtube or create your own with video editing software.  Check out some samples my website, youtube, and on my facebook page.


I use a short throw video projector, and a 80" diag 16:9 screen I made out of double layer 4mil plastic sheet. I use the rear projection and aim the projector out of a window onto the screen

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Do any of you happen to know the maximum video size that LOR can handle?

I'm hoping for 3072x768 to get three screens worth.

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