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Help with a simple light setup. Where to start?


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Hi all,


I hope I am not shunned from this group. I am completely impressed by the amazing art everyone is making but these complex setups just isn't for us.


We have a nice static Christmas display but we are using very old lighting and want to make the jump into LED.


We want to:


  1. Get rid of the annoying "blown bulb" search and switch.
  2. Simplify the installation process

We want to install LED lights under our soffits on the first and second floor of our home. We measure and we will need about 150' of light but we have a few questions that we are hoping some kind soul can help with.


  1. We seen that 12v LED strip lights are limited to 5 meters. Is there no way to do continuous runs longer than that? Would 110v RGB lights be a better option?
  2. How are people distributing a/c power to the more remote areas of their display?
  3. We bought a single 12v RGB 5050 strip to test. It came with a remote to change the colors, etc. We like the functionality of that setup but want it on a bigger scale. Any recommendations to achieve this?
  4. Is it possible to leave the strips up year round? Maybe orange for Halloween and then green/red for Christmas, etc?

Thanks in advance for any help. If controllers, computers, and power supplies are necessary we ARE willing if we can make the lights work for us and simplify the installation and maintenance.  

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Why would you be shunned? This isn't that bad of a group. Unfortunately I don't have the experience yet with RGB strips (although I might try some this coming year) to help with some of your questions. As for the distributing of power to remote areas, how remote? There are a few ways to accomplish this. Conduit under ground, long extension cords. It depends weather you're going to use them all year like you stated. Where in FL are you?

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I hope your planning for next year.  You're way too late for this year for what you're wanting to accomplish.  I don't have enough time right now to answer your questions, but I'll check back tonight and see where this thread is at for info for you.


Welcome aboard!

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I tried creating a reply that would be helpful but Admin disabled the quote and copy/paste functions.  My only suggestion at this point is wait until after the New Year when the forum is back to normal and PM me.  Or maybe someone else will chime in.

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Just my 2cents but if your not wanting an elaborate setup with 1,000 color possibilities then just buy some nice C6 or C9 retro fit LEDs from some of the vendors on here and buy a cheaper animated power strip or all in one box so your whole house can fade between green and red

You'll save a ton of money and still achieve the LED low energy cost/bright colors and most all the vendors sell sealed socket full wave leds so no water problems or the typical led (flicker)

Just my input

You can also do as many on here do myself included and use PVC pipe for mounting the light strands to and then mount the pvc pipe on your soffits

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