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somewhere here I saw something about what were power strips but programmed to chase or fade or both to anything plugged in them.  not sure where to find them or what they are called and NO Mr Christmas IS NOT an option (see previous post involving a candle, bacon, and man hugs).  Have a close friend back east that wants something he can just plug things into for simple effects.  any help is appreciated.

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I have a small handful of Twinkle, fade, chase controllers from the old school "Motion Lights in my "Cabinet of Dead, but soon to be Useful Things."  At our Mini, we were shown how to cut off the dead string lights, add on some female plugs and presto!  Small simple light controllers.  Just watch the Amps....


There are a few other websites that carry the motion light controllers... Don't have time to find them right now.  But they'll work.



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