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If this is a dumb question I apologize, but I am a little confused on superstar. 


1.  I will be adding dumb RGB for hallowen, now do I HAVE to buy superstar in order to control the dumb RGB modules since they are DMX or not?  I would be using way under 1 universe and I just want to know budget wise what I am looking for. 


2.  To go along with that, I will be doing a pixel tree.....probably another year before I do that, now from what I understand since it will have around 800 pixels total I will need to buy the license for $199 to be able to control this.  Am I correct in saying this? 


3.  once I buy the license is it like LOR where you have the ability to get updates to the software for just 1 year or if any updates come out in say 2 years I can still download the updates?



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1) Superstar has nothing to do with the control of the lights. Period. It is only used in the programming of CCR/CCB/CCP and other DMX type devices.


2) Yes, to export 800 channels, you would need the 8_CCR license.


3) When you buy a license you will get an email telling you the highest level of software the license is good for. You can upgrade to that level of software anytime. Licenses to *not* expire. Only the ability to upgrade to the current version(s.)

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Superstar is not required for any of your RGB or Pixels. It will make sequencing quite a lot, did I say a lot, easier. For dumb RGB, it would be way overkill. That being said, and since you're doing a pixel tree next year, play around with the demo, discover how easy it is to sequence a bunch of pixels and you will be jumping all over buying the add-on.

When you upgrade to the next release of S3, Superstar is upgraded along with it.

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You can control the dumb RGB lights using the Sequence Editor. The Sequence Editor supports DMX. You do not need SuperStar


Each CCR uses 150 channels. So the 2 CCR license allows export of 300 channels. The 4 CCR license allows export of 600 channels. The 8 CCR license allows export of 1200 channels. So to do 800 pixels you need the 8 CCR license and you are correct, it costs $199.95.


There is no update fee for the SuperStar license, you get updates at no charge. But to get an update for SuperStar you have to get the update for the whole S3 suite. So the best way to look at it is that you still have to pay the update fees for the S3 software, and the update of SuperStar comes at no extra charge.


Wow, while I was typing this Don Teague and Ron Boyd answered also. Thanks to Don and Ron for being so fast to respond!

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One thing I thought of since I am wiping my laptop that I sequence on, not the show one.  I am good up to LOR 3.9 and will be downloading that software, since that has superstar already on it, do I need to purchase the upgrade for LOR to buy superstar or can I just buy the add-on?  I'm not sure what the differences are when it comes to my 3.9 and the latest 3.1.whatever.

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