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Commerical Light Show Videos - Nashville

CLD Kevin

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Here are a few videos of a Christmas Light Show I worked on for a few months. Its located in Nashville Tennessee at Jellystone Park. Its about a 2 Mile Long Drive-Thru Light Show.  110 16ch LOR controllers….about 1700 channels. Not every channel was used. If there is a remote chance you can see it…you gotta go. The first time I drove through it was amazing. Just so many lights with all the movement and on a large scale!


I did the programming for 6 songs and S & K Light Show Production set all elements, props and lights...all the hard work. There is this 250ft long “Wall” which is 24ft tall. 100ct strings every 6 inches. 100K LED light on just the wall. About another 900K of LED lights on everything else.  200K ft of extension cables. 9 Mega Trees - (1) 45’ and (8) 21’, Giant Snowflakes, Candy Canes, Dancing Snowman, Leaping Arches, Vertical Poles, Multi-Color Trees, Corkscrews, Singing Trees, ect, ect. The work that went into building this is mind blowing. 


It takes about 20-30 mins to drive through the whole display (slow). I hear it now 45 to 1 hr on weekends due to traffic. At the end there is a giant tent (Santa's Village) with all kinds of fun stuff to do. Petting Zoo, Jumpers, Rock Climbing Wall, Food and Pictures with Santa.


I’ll post some more videos once I finish editing them.



Location: 2572 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Hours: 5pm -- 10pm (extended weekend and holiday)

Price: $25 per vehicle (as many people as you can load in)



Richard Holdman did programming for the same show. He has 5 or 6 different songs as well. I don’t have any videos of his stuff right now.




Montage of the show and different elements.





Christmas with a Capital C





Amazing Grace



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Forgot to mention that I used angelmj08 to do the face sequencing for 2 songs. I was running out of time and burnt out at that time....I could use the help. Thanks Robert!

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That is absolutely incredible. Sadly little too far for me to go visit but wish I could.


If that's what you do for a living, I'm jealous, I wish I could get paid to play with LOR, maybe one day.......

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Absolutely FABULOUS!   Fantastic work as usual Kevin!


Even though Tennessee isn't all that far from Florida, still a bit far for us to travel at this time.  But wow, my wife and I would loved to be able to see that in person.

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saw it friday night with the famliy, it  was awesome!!!  got some ideas for 2014, thanks to everone who had a hand in the show

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I am now just seeing this.....No problem Kevin it was fun working with you and Richard on doing the singing tree's for your project for Jellystone. I would also like to THANK YOU for allowing me to be apart of the light show. Well you know how to reach me if you need anything else done sir. 

Hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and SAFE and HAPPY NEW YEAR.



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