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Our sequences up for download.


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We took off in 2012, and unforseen RL cause us not to be able to do our show this year. It maybe a bit late, but we put up our sequences for download. Feel free to use however fit.


Merry Christmas everyone.



Sequence pages

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Thanks all. I have lurked and used serveral folks stuff and adapted back in 2007 and 2008. As well as some of those that we have for download. Since we didn't get to do our show this year I just started planning for next year. We lost my mother back in July, and had to have my Dad move in with us. He is very independent of course, but had a stroke back in 95', and has to have a certian amount of assistance. So, my wife and I have had some adjusting to get done. Anyway figured we'd put them up and hope someone could use them. Hope they work well for you all.




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