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Trying to sequence as if the Snowman was singing live

miaskiewicz christian

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Hello everybody,


I found

Can't edit anymore ?


As I was saying I found an awesome live sequence of the drummer boy on someone's display (Stone Christmas lights by Brad Stone) and decided to try to sequence it as if my Snowman was actually singing it live.

Here's my sequence :

By the way if anyone knows the band ( it's only written on the video : "arrangements by Trent Austin and Lifechurch.tv " I would really like to know what they think of my sequence


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First off, I don't think Christian added any of those effects, I believe this was performed in front of a LIVE audience at the church he mentions in the "arrangements" of his post.


Great Job on the sequencing.


Did you post a "video response" to their original video of the song?  Providing you found it on YouTube and possibly donloaded it from there.   


That would be one way for others, especially those folks at the church to see your sequencing of what may be possibly their music to your light display.  And perhaps get some feedback on it.

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I hope my comment on Christian video wasn't taken as a dig, if that was a live audience that is really cool. Sometimes my audiences can get loud but never heard them like that, congratulations Christian.

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