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Newbie thinking about next year - Should I go RGB right away?


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Hi everyone, 
This is my first post so be gentle! I've been putting more lights on the house than anyone else in the neighborhood for 9 years now. This year was our first year at our new house and the competition is a little more steep. I think I've still won, but next year, I'm ready to make the jump, and I started researching and kept on seeing LOR products. 

So, I'm planning for next Halloween now. Originally I planned on getting myself 48 channels (3 of the LOR residential boxes), and going to town. However, as I look at all the RGB stuff, I'm wondering if it might be more cost effective to just start with RGB. If you veterans where starting from scratch, how would you recommend starting?

Here's a photo of my house lit up now. Nothing like you guys have got, but hey... I'll get there!  :D 


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If you want rgb do it!!! Join the ACL forum and read. I did a little rgb and said I would wait for year 2 to go all rgb. The money I spent on controllers, extension cords, lights, etc. would have gone a long way in the rgb world.

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I guess it's whatever you want the display to look like. I see some RGB displays that have nothing in common with a traditional type of display, except for they occur in the same month. Personally, those don't do much to say Christmas.

I'm one who uses RGB as eye candy rather than the backbone of the display. I think it's fun to see people's reaction to color-change things and what you can do with them. But a whole yard full?

One thing to consider is that what looks good in a static display might not look particularly good in an animated display. A lot depends on your property, and a lot depends on your light inventory, a lot depends on your imagination, and most of it depends on your sequencing ability. If your definition of sequencing is nothing more than blinking lights on and off with the beat, you're not going to attract more than a passing interest.

Welcome to our madness! May you survive and prosper.

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This is my first year with LOR and most of my display is tranditional LED strings. I've got about 8000 lights on the house.


All the new stuff I'm doing going forward will be RGB, but short of replacing my strings of lights with CCB's from LOR I don't see a day anytime soon where I'd get rid of my strings.

As mentioned above, RGB can be a great add to the display, but it also depends on how it's done. Currently I've got RGB floods on the house which add tons of drama to the show and I've got RGB pixel lollipops in the front yard that my wife loves.

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Really there is a balance for RGB and regular AC LOR controlled props. We use a mix of both because RGB just cannot recreate some effects that strings of lights do.

If you do go all RGB to start, just remember to keep it simple the first year. Do not worry about changing every pixel to different colors...

If you already have alot of strings of lights.. Going with the AC LOR controllers is the best start because you can use what you already are familar with.

When I do my programming for my strings or RGB.. I start by editing with just white light  and getting the patterns to look right. Then I edit the colors as needed for the RGB stuff..


I would consider doing 2 LOR AC controllers and a RGB controller of some sort..

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I must be the only one who believes RGB is the way to go. But IMHO I would not waste my cash on non rgb strings. If you have them and want to make a show based on what you have that is great. But my yard is all RGB. With several control points...meaning each element is controllable separately. Not christmas enough? I disagree.

I have rgb arches, CCR on the roofline, rgb in the bushes, trees and added Christmas trees (2 foot trees). I have rgb floods on the house and fence line. But, I do have rope light elements in the yard to enhance, holiday signs on the house, spiral xmas trees that were popular in the 90s etc. I do have these non rgb elements.

But back to the point of RGB.

If you are creating a new yard with visions of all new lights I would highly recommend building RGB. Especially if you want to use your lights for multiple holidays. Given your time of 1 year I would highly encourage you to look at pixels. I think pixels will definitely compete with any yard looking Christmas enough.

And I keep hearing everyone say how hard rgb is to program but I have to disagree. It is super easy once you start doing it. Add superstar and it gets even easier. (I use superstar for my non-RGB elements too. Easier for them as well)

Why RGB?

Multiple holidays

Create a different mood each song, heck, each part of a song

Unlimited colors. Your not saddled with white arches all the time. Boring

You can do entire yard sweeps of color changes. It is dramatic.

Less power use (per show)

Safer...12v versus 120v

Easier setup. 1 set of lights instead of 3 for some elements to allow multiple colors

Longevity, lights will last longer than Incans and led strings

Less headache once the lights are up. You don't have to search for a broken/missing/blown rgb node.

Are the perfect? Nope. But they are versatile. Pixels are the most versatile.


-Cost. I can go get 100 Incan lights any color at multiple stores right now for less than 2 bucks. Never find a deal close to that with RGB.

-Complicated to setup. You can not simply plug your rgb's into an extension cord and go.

-Pre-setup work required. You will have to build your RGB controller...put it in a case, add a DC power supply, add extension cables.

-Can not get your elements off the shelf. Yeah, you can buy them online but not at the big stores in town.

-You will have to research more to get everything working. LOR AC is pretty much plug and play. DMX takes a little more work. Pixels...well they are as difficult as you can get. Each light on the string is 3 channels.

And to the point of blinking lights on and off to the beat, you can have a poor show be it RGB or non-RGB. Use of your elements whatever they may be will determine how good of a show you have. Not the type of element. IMHO.

Disclaimer: I have LOR AC, LOR DC, LOR CCR and DMX all in use in my yard. The CCR are the only pixels I have (I don't really consider them pixels though, they are CCRs!).

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