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Looking for Kentucky LOR users?


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well I'm in fort Thomas pretty often. do you have a display if so were are you would love to check it out.

if your still looking that's cool too. if it can go wrong it probably happened to me. i'll be glad to help you

avoid the issues I've had.

I myself live in independence. james Campbell who is on here a lot lives in dry ridge.

shoot me a pm and I'll get you directions. would love to have another lor addict stop by. would be glad to talk


still adding to the display but with the awful weather lately its too bad to get anything done. don't get me wrong

I love the snow but I can't get on the roof until it melts and with the ground froze I can put anything in the ground.

just at little frustrating.

let me know when you are coming over and I'd be glad to talk lights with you.

good luck and welcome to the madness

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