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Computer not starting show


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This is my first year with lor. If I am not around I think my laptop goes to sleep and my show doesn't start what do I need to do if I can't be there to "wake up" the computer and cause the show to start?


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What you need to do is go into the control panel of windows and locate the area where you can disable ALL sleep, hibernation and standby modes, including DO NOT ALLOW the computer {laptop} to go to sleep, standby or hibernate when the lid is closed.   Once you have all that disabled so the computer no longer sleeps, hibernates or goes into standby mode, everything should run smoothly.   As long as the show is enabled, if the computer lost power for some reason and shut down and you have everything disabled so it will auto restart when power comes back, the show will still be enabled and run.


Sorry I can't be more specific, but my laptop is currently out of commission until I get a new HD for it.  But I do know there is a way to keep the computer from going into standby, sleep or hibernate in the control panel settings somewhere.   If my laptop was operational I could better guide you step by step with instructions.    Hopefully someone with a working laptop will be able to fill in my missing info if you can't find it or figure it out on your own.



Also make sure all Automatic Updates are off for ALL software, that could cause your show to lag considerably, cause your system to reboot right in the middle of your show, something you don't want.  Also disable all and any virus programs on the show computer, these too, can cause some massive slow downs in your show, especially if a virus scan starts during the show.


I think that pretty well sums up what you need to do to keep your show running.    Just wish I could offer more specifics on how to keep the laptop from going into sleep, standby and hibernation modes.

Oh, almost forgot this one:  Set all sounds in windows to SILENT!   You don't want any stray beeps or sounds cropping up during your show either!

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