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Music won't stop after installing V3.10.14


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I just noticed that when I hit play.. then a few seconds later hit stop, the sequence bar stops but the music keeps going.  I have to hit stop many times to get it to stop.


I am using .wav files on a sequence that worked fine in the previous version.  I did add a lot of DMX channels but that shouldn't screw up the operation of the sequencer. 


I don't have any light connected to this computer so I can't tell you if there is any actual output when the bar stops. 


I do not have the listener on of course.  but it was on earlier when I was checking a controller for ID. 


I seem to remember this problem from a long time ago... has it come back in this fully released version of S3?


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I hear ya.

Not the same problem but had to restart my computer tonight because after a couple songs, it stopped the show and got an error message, reloaded the tray and started the show and it did it again. Plus a couple hickups in the past couple weeks.

I sure miss V1. Didn't have any problems like this for 6 years with it (which is why I hated to upgrade).

If V1 could handle sequencing/playing V2 & V3 sequences, I would switch back to V1 in a heart beat.

Yes, V3 is easier on chasing and has other bells and whistles I don't use. But V1 was like driving a 1970s car. Get in it and go....

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