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2013 Videos Here Too


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This all I'm posting for 2013 although there are 35 total sequences running out there. Some day, I'll catch up to all the professionals in here who do fantastic displays. I'm still learning and haven't yet ventured into RGB but might this coming year.



Griswold’s Christmas



Wizards In Winter 2013


Christmas Sarajevo 2013


Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas


Christmas Comes to Town


O Holy Night 2013


Music Box Dancer 2013


Snoopy Christmas 2013

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Looking good. Like you, I am new at this and am saving up for RGB (and wondering how I will get the extra time for sequencing it). Would you mind telling me how you make your mega trees dance like that in the middle? My mega tree is just a 16 strand/slice tree. I need to add more to it. Thanks.

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I've got 16 strings wrapped in one direction and alternating 16 strings in the opposite direction. Then its just sequencing to achieve whatever is desired. The two trees are electrically identical but I connected the strings in reverse of the 1st tree which saved me from buying two more controllers and still achieving the same effect. All I had to fabricate was 33 SPT1 cords, 50 feet each. 32 for strings and 1 for the light ball on top. The balls have their own channel. Due to the power needs of the strobes, each tree's set of strobes are on their own channels.

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oh-oh...I might have used the wrong tune when I did the resync after videoing. I remove the actual audio track and overlay with the "supposed" correct one...so I'll have to go look. Thanks for telling me.

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