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One more feature request...


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One more feature request...

I would like the ability to add text channels. This channel would mimic the cells of all other channels with the option of merging cells indepent of other channels. This would allow me to add the lyrics of a song. It would make it much better to keep up with refrains and repeated phrases where I may want to repeat specific sequences. It would be helpful if this channel was searchable. One could enter a section of sequence for a certain phrase, copy that section, and search and paste each time that phrase occurs.

Another good use for a text channel may be to drop production notes within a sequence. This would help with analysis of the music and provide the programmer with documentation. i.e--
'Fade up from here'
'Stop fade'
'Three short burst of all on'
'Left shrubs 60%'
'Eaves next'
'Mega Tree to red'

Thanks, Forest

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