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I borrowed a green BlissLight for Halloween.  I shined it out a second floor window down onto the ground.  It covered a good part of the front yard.  I had many kids (and even a parent or two) trying to pick the "lights" off the ground.

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I have one of these that I am going to try to use instead.  Lot cheaper and the "dots" move, and change pattern (if I want).  They can be set to static. Worth a try for <$20 (on ebay).  Unit is only about 6" big and weighs about a pound or 2.  I have an overhang over my porch that will protect it from the weather (especially since it will be mounted high aiming to the ground).  I know I have seen these mentioned here before but never saw any feedback after use (or if anybody built a weather-proof enclosure).





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These things are not very bright and will be very hard to see if a lot of other light is on in proximity, also depends on the type of surface your shining on.  Shining one up in a mega tree where the pole is wrapped with lights will give a very cool effect when the tree lights are not on.

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