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This is my 2nd year using dumb strips bought off ebay. They were cheap, something like $20 apiece.  I used the strips for Halloween last year as a learning exercise before my Christmas display. No problems. This year i brought them out of storage, and while they work mostly good there are a couple of sections that don't want to cooperate.  It either has no light or is a different color than the rest of the strip.  I need to purchase more strips for other places in my display, but i want to get a higher quality that won't give me the same results as i just described.  I see that LOR sells RGB ribbons...has anyone had any experience good or bad with these?  Is there another vendor anyone can recommend?

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I also tried the $20 eBay strips, the ones with the 3M sticky stuff on the back. I figured they would work fine since I use them around the windows, which are pretty much shielded from the rain.  But just like your case, I have several sections where certain colors don't work, which is not a problem if the ribbon is displaying red, green, or blue, but when it's white, the section where blue is not working shows yellow instead, and this is very noticeable.


These problems are happening the 2nd year. There were no problems in the first year. I store them by winding them up using the spools that were used to ship them.


On the other hand, I'm using some dumb strips I bought from Ray Wu that are in a much thicker silicone. I have used them for 3 years in my spiral mega tree, and they are working without any problems whatsoever. These get blown around in the rain, and get dragged into and out of my Christmas storage shed.


My experience shows that you get what you pay for.

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That's exactly my problem as well. I don't roll mine up during the off-season, i keep them stored just like they hang on the house to prevent the possibility of damaging wire during the rolling up. But that didn't help.  Can u provide a link for the ones you bought from Ray Wu?  I've been on his website before, but i recall their being a huge selection and i wasn't able to decipher a difference other than price on many of them. I'm also interested in the modules from holidaycoro.

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