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What would YOU do with my roof....?


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I have 32 channels of control, 4 vacant... (I KNOW>>> WTF!!!)


Money IS an object...so I cant do CCR's 4" apart all across it... lighting it with strings without screwing in stuff makes it look janky... I cant get straight lines... I used to outline the peaks, but it left the field, so now I just leave it dark.  But I feel like it is RIPE for the picking... snow isnt an issue here, but wind is....  any ideas?IMG_1917.jpg

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Why not go with what you had on top and use metal binder clips to attach to the edge of the roof? No screwing involved. I use them and I like the results. Easy to install, withstand the weather elements. They are cheap too.

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If I had a single story house with a low pitch roof like that I would Griswold it up.  Run White vertical stripes , then as many colors i could think of.




  1. 3 ch on windows
  2. 1 ch garage
  3. 1 ch for fascia 
  4. 2 ch for bushes
  5. The rest on the roof 
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binder clips... the black ones... that is genius.  swear to god nothing makes me feel stupider than these boards sometimes.  I  think I sold the wife on doing a shooting star across the roof ending in a big star or snowflake...



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I have a few pvc things on my roof.  my pitch is a little steeper than yours ( I think).  I have a about a 10ft wide 3 circle mickey that I use in the center of

my roof.  plus i'm using some pvc circles to fill in come spots this year.  you could also make pinwheels or different size snowflakes out of pvc then just zip tie or twist tie lights to them and they would just lay on the roof cause they won't have much weight to them. 




I made this and I made a fake rgb string (my wife calls it "hillbilly rgb") so I could have a color changing feature on the house. it works just like

an rgb string without all of the extra equipment. 





since my roof is a little steeper I take a thin string and tie it to the vent on the peak of my roof.  along the vent there are the drain holes for water and I use

them to keep the stuff on the roof from sliding down.  I have strips on the sides of my roof and use twist ties to make each row straight.


the good thing is that in the dark when everything is lit up, unless your right on top of it you can't see the white pvc at all. 


you could make different sizes snow flakes and chase them across the roof.


it's fun having a blank canvas where anything is possible.


good luck

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