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First Sequence From Scratch...


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Our first year with LOR.  This is the only song I have that I actually did from scratch by myself. Not great! But dang is sequencing a song hard! I have no rhythm and its hard to tell a computer how to have rhythm when you don't have any! haha  I'm hoping I get better at it.  I think the only reason I could even pull of this song is because the beat is really obvious.  I have a few other songs I want to sequence but the music is all over and I have a hard time following :(   


Anyhoo!  Thank you to those of you who helped me put together the other 99% of the show we have going.  lol  We couldn't have pulled it off without you.  (I'm much better at editing than creating).  Thank you again!   


Ho Ho - Missy Modell 



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I think you did a great job!!!


Sequencing does get easier as you do more but I think you did pretty dang good on this one.

Congrats!!! Job well done!!!

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