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Tiny little extra blips in exported sequence


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This evening I was writing a  new sequence in Superstar that just had a bunch of diagonal morphs.  Pretty simply sequence that looked fine in SSE.  I then exported it to SE and a bunch of tiny (20 milliSecond) blips appear after a large percentage of the fades.  Below is a small excerpt from the sup.las file that was exported by SSE.  Looking at the excerpt, this channel fades from 100% to 0% between time 103 and 203.  However from time 203 to 205 it repeats the fade (and it's not supposed to).  You can see the same thing at time 1253, 2303, and 2703.  From a quick look, it appears that for an identical morph, the same channels are affected every time, but not all channels are affected.  If the morph is different, the channels affected is different.


I am running LOR version 3.10.14 Advanced with 24 CCR SSE license.

The computer is a Dell Optiplex 755 with a Intel Core 2 Quad CPU  Q6600 @ 2.40GHz & 4GB of RAM

The OS is Windows 7 Professional


<channel name="CCR01-P02-Red  " color="255" centiseconds="30000" deviceType="LOR" unit="1" circuit="4" savedIndex="20">
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="101" endCentisecond="103" intensity="100"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="103" endCentisecond="203" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="203" endCentisecond="205" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="1151" endCentisecond="1153" intensity="100"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="1153" endCentisecond="1253" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="1253" endCentisecond="1255" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2201" endCentisecond="2203" intensity="100"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2203" endCentisecond="2303" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2303" endCentisecond="2305" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2601" endCentisecond="2603" intensity="100"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2603" endCentisecond="2703" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>
    <effect type="intensity" startCentisecond="2703" endCentisecond="2705" startIntensity="100" endIntensity="0"/>


Any ideas?

Push comes to shove, I can manually remove them, but I would rather not have to if I can avoid it.


I was going to attach the SSE file, but the forum will not all that...




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Yes, this is a bug. I'll bet you are seeing the bug when you use "VisEffect" morphs in your sequence.


The bug has been fixed in v3.11.0 which is currently in beta. You can download it at:



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Thanks Brian.  I guess I will be upgrading my sequencing computer to 3.11.00 beta this evening.  I think I will leave the show computer alone however...

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Brian,  upgraded the sequencing computer to 3.11.0 and exported the sequence to SE (with a new file name).  Opened it up in SE and the problem still exists.  BTW, it was not a VisEffects morph.

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