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Is there such a thing as a transmitter that works with a HAM setup? My husband is a HAM radio geek (I guess I should ask him, but he is always SOOO technical - and this is "my baby" - so to speak) so I wondered if we might already have equipment we could use and don't know it.

Dumb question, right?

1st year to try this!

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Almost all amateur radio (ham) gear is specifically tuned for the specific amateur frequency allocations. There are detailed technical reasons, but if a radio transmitter is designed to transmit, for example, from 144 to 148 MHz (the closest amateur radio band to the FM broadcast band), it is almost impossible to adjust it to transmit at 104.1 MHz.

There are also other big differences between amateur radio transmissions and the FM broadcast band. Amateur radio FM transmissions are "narrow deviation". This lets them fit more of the signals into the band, but also gives less fidelity. This means that if a ham FM transmitter could somehow have its frequency shifted to broadcast FM, the audio volume would be very low. Also ham FM transmitters don't do stereo. They are also typically at a much higher power than necessary for a light show.

Your best bet is to buy a small FM transmitter from Ramsey.

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