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Save Sequence (Not Responding)


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I open a sequence in SE from 2012. I then want to save it into my file folder for 2013. When I go to "Save As" the Sequence Editor locks up.

I only have 320 channels, no CCR and no large sequencing (like RGB, etc.).

The CPU usage by the SE is 0% and the Memory taken up by SE is only 74MB.

I tried to do "Save As" many times, all with the same results! I am running 3.10.14 (never had this problem with 3.10.12). I have 14GB of RAM.

Plesae help,


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The only way I could get around this crashing problem, I had to open another sequence, then I opened the sequence that would always crash (when saving). I was then able to save the (crashing) sequence successfully to the 2013 directory with no problem.

This 3.10.14 crashed many times in other areas as well.

When I close the sequence, it would sometimes hang up and waiting several minutes later, I would have to force it to close (via Task Manager).

I also had it crash on me when importing my channel configuration file.

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