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First LOR Christmas, vid of display


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16 Channels, and it was some work to sequence 46 songs over the summer up until now, but its great and I appreciate all the other members that helped me along with getting it setup and figuring out some problems I had.


I did a collage of 8 songs, the vid last 10 minutes even cutting some of the songs off early before finishing.

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Tks, everything worked out great, heads up on one problem I had was gfi tripping with high humidity here in Louisiana. With the help of other members I got it to stop tripping. Some of my lights on metal deer and mini tree frames were the problem. I suspended the minis on a PVC pipe so they were not stuck in the ground. I also used a PVC stake, instead of a metal stake, to hold down the metal frame deer for wind. This fixed the problem with gfi tripping. It would only trip when all the lights would come on during the sequence.

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