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Kentucky or Indiana members?


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Hey guys I live in a small town lewisport right outside Owensboro and im fairly certain that no one close to me does any animated setups to music or anything involving a pc and programming id love to find out if theres anymore close that me and the family can come see and talk amongst like minded people :)



Also when I say Indiana I mean like Evansville and surrounding areas within a a few hr drive

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hey blake,

welcome to the insanity.   great hobby if you don't let it take over your brain cells.   well who am i kidding before to

long your gonna look at places and buildings and how you would light them up.  then your gonna listening to songs

and envisioning your set-up and how you would sequence it.  it'll happen just let it.


in reference to your post.......myself and another member live in kentucky but we're in northern kentucky.  a few miles away

from you.  i live in independence and james campbell lives in dry ridge.     we're kentucky guys but unfortunately not close

to you ky guys.


james is on the forums alot and i'm on as often as i can.  we will both be more than helpful with any questions you may have.


i'm still working on getting my display set-up (do to many time issues lately. ) hopefully i'll be up and running this weekend.  it's amazing when you want to add some thing to the display how many additional things it effects.  add some bushes and it means more lights, then making more cords, then hanging the lights and then oh yeah i have to add all of this to the sequences.  i have

how many songs????   wow more time i don't have.  it'll happen and of course i'll never learn.


best of luck and again welcome to this obsessive hobby

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sounds great just give me a heads up when you may make the trip.

i'll be gone for a couple of days ( and dark 1 night) and wouldn't want to miss you.

its always cool to see what someone else has thought of. especially really cool

ideas that we can steal from each other. hahaha

either shoot me or james a pm so we can keep an eye out for you. james also has 2 or 3

displays that he helps out with not far from him.

good luck and if you decide to add and have any questions let me or james know. we are both

more than willing to help.

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Yessir will do and yes im already planning on buying 7 or 8 more controllers next year with some arches and a mega tree and probably a candy cane spinner or 2 and adding 3 colors where all my blue leds are now lol

Loys of work ahead of me for next years display

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Hi Guys,

I am also in NKY in Taylor Mill near Independence.  Count us in if you are making a road trip.  We have a mixture of old school and newer LOR stuff as well.  See family site for details:  home.fuse.net/chauvin_christmas



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Welcome to the hobby neighbor.   We're here on the West side of Indianapolis with our first year display.   (  www.LOLWEB.org  )   We jumped in way over our heads with a combination of LOR and E1.31 but we've learned a lot in a very short time.  A strong electronic/electrical background and some pretty smart folks on the forum helped a lot. 


I've not seen any other automated displays around here but I've discovered that there is a small collection of folks on the North end of town in the Carmel area.  I understand that they have an annual meeting during  the summer if your interested.     Look up ICE (Indiana Christmas Enthusiasts  http://indianachristmas.com/ ) or ACDC  (American Christmas Decorators Conference http://acdc.whindo.com/event/default.aspx?lock=2437445-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0&key=5127df8620603cc ) if you're interested.   

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