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FAT or FAT32 for SD Card


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I am attempting to help my neighbour set up his Christmas display this year, as he is having a few issues with the computer side of things.  One of these issues is the use of an SD card in his controller network.


He has been able to successfully copy over all the necessary files for his show to the SD card, but the controller does not seem to be reading the card at all.  Is there a specific format (FAT/FAT32/NTFS) that the SD card should be in order for it to be read correctly?  Also, is there a size limit to the controller for the SD card (ie: should not be more than 4GB)?


The box is a LOR1602W, if that helps.


I've tried looking in the manual (http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/LOR160xW_Man_Web.pdf), but I couldn't find anything that would help.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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I've formatted both FAT and FAT32.


What type of SD Card?

What type of director? Mini? Showtime? Showtime G3?  Note that Showtime G3 has a digital read out.


If G3, are you using any animation sequences on the SD card, or just musical?

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Question: Are you just "copying" the .lms files to the SD card, from what I'm reading, that sounds like what you're doing,


If so, it won't work!   


You have to either use the Simple Show Builder {SSB} or the Hardware Utility {HWU} to write the shows to the SD card.  The format the Director units use is .SEQ and the associated MP3 audio file.


In the HWU, go to the MP3 tab, there you can load the sequence files, set up your show times and this will create the correct format for the SD card to run the show.  


Simple Show Builder you select the LOR1602MP3 for the controller with built in MP3 Director, you select the MP3 tab for the Mini or DC-MP3 Showtime Director units.


The sequences MUST be in the LOR Sequences folder for the SSB to locate them and import them into the software to create the show.


The HWU is actually a little more flexible with times you can set for your show, as well as you can browse to ANY folder on your HD to load the sequence files and create your show.


Hope this may give you some better insight to how the show is written to an SD Card, as I think this is what information you're looking for.

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