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IE 11


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Yes, I reported this to LOR when it first came out and opened a ticket.

They said they would look into it when they're not so busy.

I went back to IE10 and everything works just fine.

I recommended they post a warning until the problem is fixed, but they didn't want to do that.

Oh well.

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I see they STILL don't have this fixed!  Still can't copy/paste in IE11


states they would look into in Jan 2015.


Have found a work around:


Upper left most button on tool bar next to avatar is an on/off toggle. switch it off and you can paste and use quotes. After pasting, switch back on.

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Easy work around - use a better browser.  Personally I don't use IE for anything unless absolutely required.  A lot of people use Google Chrome these days, but I prefer FireFox.


Way too many security holes in IE....

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