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super star stops reponding after trying to upload to seq

dan martens

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im trying to upload a seq from ss to se 3-10-14 i have 6 ccr and two dumb rgb trees. i cant get it to upload. i have tried two computers and neither will work. i have had it work early this week but not with the dumb pixel but it did work with a dmx pixel 12 tree. im sure im doing something wrong but cant get it track down. any ideas

i have the 8 to 24 verision

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When you say "upload a seq from ss to se" do you mean that you are in SuperStar and you attempt "Export to Sequence Editor"?


When you say "I can't get it to upload" do you mean that you are getting an error? what error do you get?

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Yes when exporting it says lor is not responding . I uninstalled and reinstalled s3 on new computer and it worked. Still not sure Iif I'm not causing my own issues

I thought it might have been caused by the whole seq being made with the new spiral and fan effect .those effects really seem to slow computer up

Any chance of a video just on those effects

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Realize that "Not responding" means the application has not communicated with the operating system for a long time. That sometimes means the program has hung but in this case it could also mean the export process is so busy that it hasn't communicated with the operating system for a long time. Give it at least a minute and see if it comes back. And if it does come then everything probably exported Ok.


Yes, the new spiral and fan effects create a lot of commands and result in very large exported files. You may want to reduce the length of time that you use smooth effects in your sequence.


Yes, a video tutorial on the smooth effects would be good. But I probably won't get a chance to do one until next year. This time of year it is almost a full time job just answering questions and doing customer support in general.


Right now the only documentation is in the Help files. Click on the Help menu and select Contents

Expand "SuperStar Sequencer"

Expand "Custom Sequences"

Click on "Smooth Effects"


It is also worthwhile to expand "Summary of Commands and Keyboard Accelerators"

Then click on "Sequencing Grid Commands for Smooth Effects (Shockwave, Spiral and Fan)"

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Hey Dan,

I am having a problem with the sequence scroll bar on the monitor jerking as it passes along the timeline.  I also notice that the quick changes in the sequence on my talking reindeer are not picking up the signal fast enough for the mouth to be in sync with the talking.  I have 8 CCR, 2 FloodLOR and 21 16 chan controllers. Having all of these on one network creating the problem?  I don't want to make changes this late in the game, but if needed will sacrifice and do so....




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What network speed are you using on your one network?


The CCRs run best if you use the new 500K network speed. However, older 16 channel controllers that are not gen3 will not run on the 500K network speed.
So to be able to run your CCRs on the 500K network speed you must put all your 16 channel controllers on their own network so you can run them at 56K or 115k network speed.
Also, for the CCRs to run at 500K network speed they must have the latest firmware.


To update the CCR controllers to the latest firmware, do the following:

1) Download the latest S3 software.

2) Launch the Hardware Utility

3) Click on the "Refresh" button, after 30 seconds or so it should find your CCR controllers and list them in the list box

4) Click on the "Firmware" button at the bottom

5) Step 1 - click on "Selected unit listed above"

6) Step 2 - click on the "Open" button and select "CCR150D-V1_17.lhx" 

7) Step 3 - click on the "Download" button

8) After 20 seconds or so it will tell you it is done

9) Select the next CCR controller and click on the "Download" button again

Do this for each CCR controller

Now you need to daisy chain all your 16 channel controllers and plug them into their own USB485 adapter, and daisy chain all your CCR controllers and plug them into their own USB485 adapter.

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Thanks Brian,

That was most of what I was concerned about.  I knew that the CCR's had an affect on the other controller speeds.  Too much data activity, I guess.  How do I run two separate USB485 adapters from the same computer output? 

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Each USB485 adapter plugs into a different USB port on your computer. There is a video tutorial that talks about multiple networks. The video was made before they had the 500K speed and I show having the 16 channel controllers and some CCR controllers sharing the same network. Ignore that part of the video, but the rest shows you how to configure everything for two networks. 


To find the video, go to the lightorama main page, click on Support, then click on "Video Tutorials". The SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom. Look for "SuperStar multiple network configuration"

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