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Tis the season to beg for sequences....


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Well I like many got started WAY too late, I setup a 32 channel system (well almost have it all setup, rain is slowing me) with a single singing face from Holiday coro.  I bought a few songs from their site, but only now realize they only have the faces animated, no other sequencing that will work, I kinda thought it would have some standard 4 channel controls as well (I set up my lights in 2 or 4 channel sets per light o rama recommendations., aka 4 columns, 4 windows, two bushes but in two colors.) 


Would love a few sequences just to get the lights on later this week, then will try to set some myself to add to the display over the next few weeks.    If someone knows a site that sells mixed sequences (face and general lights) I am not adverse to buying a few to get started!  I don't have a super tree or arches, but hope I can maybe merge some stuff to look OK, if there are good 4x beats/combos.


Any help or links appreciated, can reach me at jkroha@gmail.com


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