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Update on my son


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Hello all,


As many of you know back in June my son was diagnosed with a grade IV brain tumor, Michael has responded well to treatments and a few weeks ago we had this new MRI scan that shows cancer before it masses and the Oncologist was happy to tell us that his tumor is gone, but, there is a small "hot spot" but the Dr's throughout the country that read this new MRI aren't concerned, so neither are we

We know we have to keep real about this, it is a grade IV brain tumor and we need to stay on top of his treatments and get this new MRI every 60 days, we are very happy and thank you all for praying for our son and we know prayers can and do work, We know God has a reason and we think we know what God's propose for Michael is.


I was debating on not doing a light show this year, not because of an anger of religion, on the contrary my faith has increased. Because of all the work involved and my time involved, but Michael said he wanted a  show and asked me to do one song, I did (no video yet) my light show went active Sunday Night and I did feel good after it was all lit up, therapy for me I guess


Michael has a project and I thought I would share this with you, If anybody understands the world of lets start small and by the weekend earth satellites detect your light show, you all would


here is a video Michael had on Pittsburgh News over the weekend. If you have facebook or other social media please share Michael's Project we are trying to get the word out, and I know we can get this going global


Michael has a website for his project http://michaelsmeanies.com 



A very proud father











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I will post his site as soon as I get off the work computer...FB is blocked, but what a noble cause...very happy to hear the update!

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