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8 CCR Mega Tree Sequences

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Hello All,


So I have my mega tree created and set up.  Wanting to see it work.  However I just realized that I made a 8 CCR Mega tree and all the sequences I have seen so far are 6 or 12 CCR Sequences.  Does anyone have any sequences for an 8 CCR Mega Tree?  Your help will be much appreciated.




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I have a few that I can share with you.  They are:


Jingle Bells - Michael W. Smith

Star to Follow - TSO

Decorations - Bob Rivers


Jingle Bells was mainly for the CCR tree. The other two were part of the whole display. PM with your email address and which sequences you'd like. Don't feel like you have to use them.

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I have some sequences I made with Nutcracker for a 12 string that you could probably just delete the first two and last two strings.  I am also looking for a few new ones as well.  I will be more than happy to share the ones that I made.  Just let me know.

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