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looking damaged or unwanted lor equipment


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If anyone has any damaged or unwanted lor equipment please let me know.  I am looking some for spare parts.  I have a couple that are getting old and beginning to have failures.  Trying to learn more about repairing these units.

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I have a LOR CTB16PC board that I messed up trying to repair it, it still has 15 working channels, not in an enclosure, enclosure was damaged by our lawn maintenance people {put a big gaping hole right in the front of the box}.  The PCB is partially disassembled.  Channel 3, the traces on the circuit board are damaged beyond repair that went to that triac, there is no triac on Channel 3, board will still function as a 15 channel controller.  Have all the dangles and power cords.


If interested PM for price.   I plan on replacing this one with a couple of 2 new G3 controllers sometime in 2014, if all goes as planned.


So it could be assembled in another enclosure and work as is with 15 channels, or could be used for spare parts.

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