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Funny story...media oops

Joe Noe

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I thought I would share this with you guys. The news was out to do a preliminary on our show, and they had a little "oops" at the station that made this hilarious! My wife always said that if I kept up the light thing it would come to this.....

I only included the "accident" in the link as it wasn't placed on their website for obvious reasons.


If you want to see the entire story, you can watch it, minus the blooper, at:



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I really need to ask this....

How many channels did it take to do that effect?


Since I work in television I really thought this was hilariour, I can only imagine what you thought when you tuned in


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Looks like you used one of those indoor extension cords. See??? They warned us!!

Great story BTW. Good preseason press.

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That is the funniest video ever! This is our first year, starting out with 50' mega tree and have 225,000 lights stacked in garage awaiting deployement.. The joke all summer has been about the nightmare of power cords and the chances of disaster.

This video will thrill our hecklers!

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