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HELP with Shared Sequences


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I'm having some issues when trying to play sequences I have received from fellow LOR forum members.  I keep getting theses errors and its driving me crazy.  The sequence will play but it seems the music cannot be found although the music file is there.  Can anyone provide some Input please.  


Thank you,



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This is the most common error folks make when getting sequences and possibly audio files.


Here's how to fix it:


#1. Open SE

#2. Load Sequence

#3. Click Edit on top Tool bar

#4. Click Media File

#5. Browse to Media file the Sequence is seeking.

#6. Re-Save Sequence


You may also wish to place the audio files in YOUR audio folder, as well as place the Sequence files in YOUR Sequences folder.  But you will still need to follow the above steps to get the Sequence and Audio married.  The main issue is not everyone uses the same folder format, so the Sequence is seeking the audio file where the original sequencer had put it.  This will not be the same on your system, at least it would be very unlikely.


So once you have the sequence{s} where you want them, and the audio files where you want them, just do the 6 steps above and everything should go together and work as it is supposed too.


NOTE: You may also need to go to View on the top tool bar, then click on Waveform, then click "Ful Height" to get the Music Waveform to display at the top of the cells.  Most often when you have to re-import a media file {MP3}, the waveform disappears, this would be how to get it back in view.

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Thank you so much!!!   I spent hours trying to figure that out myself...ugh.  Thanks for the quick reply ...You're awesome!

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Glad I could help out a fellow LOR animator.   Of course I hit a major setback today when my DC-MP3 Showtime Director decided to quit functioning on me.  I think I worked it to death! LOL 


2.5 years and always in use 24/7/365 and Sunday 11/23/2013 at 4pm, it decided it was time to just stop.  Fortunately I have a computer in the shed where my FM Transmitter and MP3 Director were located, so the show goes on, just a little more work to make it all come together.   Never realized just how easy the MP3 Director really made it for me to create and run my shows, not until it decided to stop working.

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