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xlights/nutcracker 3.2.9 released.


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Release of 3.2.9.


Matt has added ability to pull timing marks from a LOR lms file during import. 

I have added some enhancements to single strand.


3.2.9               - Enhancement (Matt) You can now open an LOR sequence from the Nutcracker tab. 

The first time you open an LOR sequence, the timing from the LOR file will 

be imported into the grid (only the times where effects start are imported).

- Enhancement (Sean) Single Strand now has pull down to select chase types.

- Enhancement (Sean) Single Strand now has 3d Fade checkbox to apply to chases



Matt and Sean

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I am curious how you got that effect that is in your signature. It looks like a variation on the spirals effect but I have not been able to duplicate it using all of the settings. It kind of looks like a multi color tornado.

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