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Show On Demand Issue


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I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem or someone may know something I am overlooking.


I upgraded this season to software version 3.10.14


My current setup is 6 regular controllers gen 3 v 1.07 on the Regular Network running 500K network speed


I have 2 CMB24 controllers controlling 12 dumb pixel strings and (4 CCR controllers updated to v1.17 on Aux A running 500K)


I also have 4 separate CCR controllers updated to v 1.17 on Aux B running 500K.


On the regular controllers I am running USB-RS485 and on the CMB & CCR networks I am running USB-RS485 with booster.


If I play a sequence not in "Show on Demand"- everything runs fine- no glitches, no issues.


When I play the built show- via "Show on Demand"- the background sequences run fine, and the rest of the sequences run fine but during one of the songs the dumb pixels and some of the channels on the regular network boxes go out and come back on 30 secs or so later. (Like I said if I run the sequence not in "Show On Demand" it runs fine- so I know its nothing with the sequence itself)


If I run the verifier- the only thing that I get is channels that are not used- get the channel "off" or "not on error"- I don't have it right in front of me so I am trying to remember from last night.


Any thoughts?  



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figured out what the problem was. I had used my main channel configuration for the "FM transmitter" sequence which was running "background in "Show on Demand"  instead of just making that channel the only one in that sequence-- which was causing conflicting channels when I verified today- apparently even though the FM transmitter was removed from all of the sequences it was still causing problems. 


Just ran the show and what I could see during the daytime- everything seemed to be fine.    Now it makes sense why it was working when I just played the sequence- not in Show on Demand cause thats where the issue was occurring with the background sequence.


Hope this makes sense- it was a very weird occurrence and when I talked to Dan yesterday he was stumped to. 


Hope everyone has a great season!! :)

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