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Calhoun lights

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I know every one is super busy but Is it possible to use a household style dimmer to control a string of C9 retrofit led lamps? The type that contains five LEDs. They are way to bright for my display.


Calhoun Lights

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Not sure about the dimmer you referenced but if you are using LOR simply program that channel at less than 100%. Personally all my LEDs only go to a max of 75% because they are too bright.

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In General - most older household dimmers will not work with LED. Only dimmers with a neutral connection (white cable) work reliably with LED lights. Conventional household dimmers need between 40 and 60 Watt incandescent load to work.

Also - if you have your C9 already on a LOR channel, I would not add a second dimmer in line, this could cause serious problems.

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