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LOR, Virtual Santa, and Shell Commands oh my!


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So what I am trying to do is I have several musical sequences that are music only, but I have a few that display video. What I would like to do is have my projector display Virtual Santa during the music only sequences. I don't want to remake the sequences with my music audio overlaid on the virtual santa as the virtual santa clip is 17 mins long, and if I chopped it up for each song then it would look like he was skipping between the songs. So I got thinking.  Windows Shell Commands!


So being the awesome programmer that I am (very sarcastically) I spend hours coming up with the following code:[CMD /c "D:\Videos\Virtual_Santa.wmv"], and it works great except one thing. It open the video on my main monitor, not my projector. It there a variable in LOR to use the default monitor that was selected for LOR video files, or is there a command to open the file on a certain monitor?



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