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Sequence for 24 by 50 CCB tree with 8 row Globe ?

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Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I do not have any sequences for a 24x50 CCP tree. However, you can use the 25 pixel resolution macro during the sequence and use my 24x25 CCP tree sequences on it. Its a shame to reduce the resolution, but I had a fellow do this on his 24x50 CCP tree last year and he was pleased with it.


In the exported sequence you set the LR channel for each string to 25 for the duration of the sequence.

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You could do the following:


1) Open the sample sequence

2) Import your visualization attached to this message

3) export the sequence

4) set the LR channel of each ribbon to 25 for the full length of the sequence


The visualization attached to this message is one I made for someone last year that was wanting to do the same thing as you. However, back then I only had a 4 row globe.


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