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Holiday Hallucinations


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So...I finally made the committment to take the plunge and go LOR for my lights.  Prepped last year after the holiday when LEDs were being sold 1/2 price.  Endured the hairy eyeball from the DH as I packed away cartons of new lights. (Hid some of them too!!!) Sat down a couple weeks ago agonizing over what to order, sure that I had placed the order, and have waited anxiously ever since.  Hmmm...I can't find an order confirmation any where...SHAZBATT!!  Holiday Hallucinations ALREADY!!!


Placing my order now!!!  Gonna be some lights flying!

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Don't feel too bad cherran, I ordered 12 LOR controllers, multiple CCR's, and cases and cases of lights....I was so excited. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream...talk about a bad morning. :-)

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What a bummer!!  Too bad it was a dream.  But a great dream!   :D I aspire to 12 controllers!!!  


 How many controllers did you get???


I'm sneaking off to order another controller!!! :ph34r: 

I left work a little early to day to hit the advance sales and have 3000 lights hiding in the trunk of my Mother-in-Law's car! :lol: 

Waiting for my wire and vampire plugs...yes I did order them!!


I have wanted to do this for so long...!!!!

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Fun??  OMG it's total Christmas Crack!!  :blink: 


I must admit to having built lights out of 1x2s and mirrors with a controller of switches, dimmers and momentaries in my teens. My boyfriend did the sound, we daisy chained several home amps together and hauled in all our combined speakers. We did "discos" for church camps and school functions. :rolleyes: 


Fast forward several decades.  I have 3 no, 4 amps daisy chained in my home feeding 200+ watts per speaker pair (currently 6 pairs) which include some JBL monitors.

I installed a 100" projection screen in our weekend place with some serious surround sound.  (And I had teachers in high school/college that said women couldn't be engineers/architects.) :angry: 


I have wanted to do the synchronized Christmas lights ever since I first stumbled upon the video for Wizards.  :o  Every year I say maybe next year. But this fall, I had a scare with breast cancer (turns out itwas not anything serious. Whew!!) But then they said, "hmmm don't like the look of that thyroid..."  Yep, got thyroid cancer.  :wacko:  Not fast moving and this type rarely metasticizes.  (It'd be all right to get this s**t outta me soon, but I can'y get into the surgeon until January and I'd rather my MIL have some time to recover from HER chemo for NON-H Lymphoma. She's 93 and she's a pistol :D . Once she told my husband if he married me she'd come back to haunt him! Now I know she's told my neighbors that I treat her better than her chilren, except my Hubby, her baby.) :lol: 


Needless to say my bucket list just got really meaningful. Ithink I'll go order another controller, 64 channels is a good start ;) . I need my husband to go out of town so I can get al my lights and stuff outta the trunk of my MIL's car and the conversion van (ran outta room in the MIL's trunk).


I'm gonna need to learn to weld...

Bright lights and masterful timing to you all (hope this wasn't TMI>>> :P )

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