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You may be missing the USB485 dongle drivers, if so, you can download it from LOR here:



Scroll down to the bottom where is shows RS485 Driver and download the CDM20814_Setup.exe file.   Once downloaded it, run it and you should now have the latest drivers for your USB485 and hopefully this will correct your issue, unless you're getting an error from something or somewhere else.   But from your limited description I can ony think it might be the USB drivers are what's missing, and is where I'd start.


Many new folks tend to overlook this step and don't load the USB drivers for the USB485 dongle.

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Thank you very much Orville. Worked like a charm. Newbies!! What to do with us.

We were ALL there once. :lol:


Glad that's what it was and you're up and running! :D

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