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Cable ties or velcro


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I use cable ties, but it seems like Velcro would be better because it would dig into the casing on the CCRs as much.

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This is my 1st year but I used cable ties also. Cheaper as well. I just didn't over tightened them as someone else stated. I used white ties because each of the 1x2 I used for the Matrix are white & so you cannot see them. The white boards seem to made the Matrix stand out better. Next year I hope to cover the Matrix  (each ribbon) in a kind of see through white plastic. I wonder how that would look on a ccr tree? A tree might be next years project but we shall see.


Hope you kept the ties on. Next year try the Velcro idea. I was thinking that in the cold sub-0 temp. we get the Velcro my not hold up.

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