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2013 Forsaken Grounds Light Show


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Here are some videos of this years light show.  Broke into DMX this year as well as adding in a singing face.  We custom built the entire set, and did all the sequencing ourselves.  I was hoping you guys could give me some pointers to take into account for the show next year.


This Is Halloween



Enter Sandman










I can't wait to hear your thoughts.


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I LOVE your Halloween sequences! I would love to have them if you are willing to share. I have some I can share as well. Please email me at tonybiviano@hotmail.com with the subject line SEQUENCES. Thanks!

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The tree is fantastic, very creative.   Nice sequencing.  Overall great job, if I was to pick at anything it would be the lights on the rectangles in between the brick post (I think thats what they are in the video) anyway you have a lot of organic shapes and then the rectangle which are not.  They stick out a bit.  But Like I said Overall great job LOVE the tree.

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