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Looking for a SS video tutorial for manually sequencing of smart pixels


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I've been searching online for a video tutorial that demonstrates the following:

Manually sequencing a single smart pixel sting of 150 pixels (450 channels)

I would like it in a horizontal mode

an instant sequence doesn't give me what I am looking for


I am able to create the pixel string in Visualizer and import it into SS,

Note that the sting crosses over into the 2nd universe, but there is a gap in DMX addressing

The String uses the following channels:

Universe 1 199-486 (96 pixels)

Universe 2 1-162 (54 pixels)


How do I manually create morphs or better yet copy a section of one the sequence and repeat it.


I'm trying to build a non musical sequence that will play during the off hours of the show.


If someone knows of a video tutorial that shows this please let me know. Or if anyone can know out a quick video demo that would be awesome as well

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There is no video tutorial on what you want to do.


The gap in the universe addressing does not affect how the string is imported, it is ok to have the gap.


When you import the visualization, an Import Visualization dialog box appears. In that dialog box, set the sequencing grid "Max Length" to 150. If the visualization has the string as one long series of horizontal pixels it should import at one long line on the sequencing grid. Then you can do morphs on the entire length of the string.


If it still is not importing as one long sequencing row let me know.

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