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Superstar sequence copy and paste


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This isn't really a question but an annoyance that I ran across copying and pasting a Superstar sequence. (actually all of them). When I try to copy and paste a full SS sequence into my existing shows it will only paste 4 or 5 channels (universe). I bypassed this by copying and pasting one channel (universe) at a time. I also ran across an issue when I was copying and pasting against the grain as I will call it. I have a 12 universe set up, if I paste starting at universe 1 down to say universe 9, then paste from 12,11,10 etc. when I paste universe 10, it will make the already pasted universe 9 disappear. I have gotten around it and everything looks great with the show. Just an annoyance, especially if your not paying attention. Other than that, I haven't had so much fun sequencing a show in a long time. Still takes time but a lot more eye appealing than just off, on, fade, twinkle.

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The real solution, of course, is to have a merge utility. That is something I will have to look into next year.

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